Why always white? Six ideas for a more colorful bathroom

Susanne Loacker

A bathroom doesn’t always have to be white – which becomes boring over time. If you don’t want to redecorate your whole bathroom, pep up your bathroom with these six ideas.

A bathroom in light tones. Individual splashes of color such as turquoise shutters stand out against the light gray and white.
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1. The classic option: colored accessories

This is the simplest yet most non-committal way of spicing up a white or cream bathroom: colorful bath towels that will put you in a good mood. Especially if you combine them with other accessories in matching colors – such as toothbrush cups, soap dispensers or a shower curtain.

Since even the shower curtain needs to be cleaned from time to time, and toothbrush cups should go in the dishwasher regularly, it’s easy to switch between two sets.

Vedia sells eight-piece terrycloth sets for 49.95 francs (price on 22 October 2020) in three different combinations, for example. The matching bathmats for 14.95 francs (price on 22 October 2020) are made of fluffy loop terrycloth. The “Graz” toothbrush cup is available in various colors, as is the “Tropik” plain shower curtain, which costs 19.95 francs (price on 22 October 2020), both from Lipo.

Two rolled bath towels – one white and one light blue – are lying in a woven basket.

Colorful accessories jazz up a bathroom in no time at all.

2. Replace selected individual items

The bathroom immediately takes on a completely new atmosphere with a colorful washbasin. The free-standing VidalXL washbasin made of tempered glass, available for 40 francs (price on 22 October 2020), creates a seaside atmosphere. Our tip: purchasing a new, colored washbasin is always a good time to immediately find accessories in matching colors.

A freestanding light blue glass washbasin can be seen in front of a blue bathroom wall. A light green towel is hanging on the wall.

All it takes is a blue wall, a light blue sink – and the bathroom looks completely different.

3. Customize what you already have

With a bit of luck, you will find a professional plumber with artistic flair who will paint your existing bathtub according to your wishes and seal the work of art with a transparent acrylic layer. This is a good way to bring colored elements or discreet patterns into the bathroom – although they will not be as easy to replace as towels. However, if the bathtub is painted on the inside, for example, the colored elements won’t be as striking.

4. Small, unusual details

You can add little touches of color with furniture knobs – provided your bathroom cupboards have knobs. At verrueckt.ch you can find furniture knobs in all shapes and colors, ranging from classic to romantic (from approx. 5 francs each), which you can play with when designing your bathroom.

5. Colorful tiles and panels

The color of a bathroom can also be spiced up by replacing the tiles – either partly or completely – with new ones in a different shade. The “Heritage” decorative tiles measuring 32x62.5 cm, available from Hornbach for 29 francs (price on 22 October 2020), add soft touches of color. A floor in fresh colors can also look good. For example, Faenza floor tiles measuring 33x33 cm, available from Hornbach for 49 francs (price on 22 October 2020), are reminiscent of glazed earthenware or faience. They owe their name to this painted type of pottery from the Italian town of Faenza.

Mosaic tiles of different colors have been applied to two walls and part of the floor area in a white and beige bathroom.

When decorating a bathroom with mosaic tiles, it’s important to only use them for emphasis – otherwise they create an agitated impression and the bathroom will appear overloaded.

6. Washbasin base cabinet

If you decide to leave the washbasin itself white, you can opt for a colorful base cabinet underneath. Bring the sea into your own bathroom – with a bright blue model. At Ackermann, the colorful highlight from Held Möbel is available from as little as 149 francs (price on 22 October 2020).

The bathroom furniture in the “Artisan” series by Talsee, inspired by Portuguese ceramic art, is particularly attractive. The terracotta tiles are handmade. The cupboard body is available in three widths and two depths, in black and white. For the tiles you have the choice between gold and turquoise. Prices on request.

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There are various ways to bring color into a bathroom. Think about whether you prefer variety and would be happy with colorful, easily interchangeable accessories, or whether you have an absolute favorite color that could be immortalized in the form of terracotta tiles or a “personal” bathtub.

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