Sustainable and fashionable: natural materials in the bedroom

Susanne Loacker

Naturalness is trendy for good reason: plant and animal-based materials such as wood for beds, rubber for mattresses, bamboo for duvets and new wool for mattress toppers have been naturally available for thousands of years. Let our tips inspire you.

A double bed with two pillows and a large cover. On the bed there is a vase of grasses.
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Solid wood bed: a metal-free zone

The solid wood beds from Team7 contain no metal and look very delicate. Yet they are very sturdy thanks to traditional wooden joints. “Lunetto” for example, is optionally available with a headboard made of wood or leather, and in different types of wood. You can also purchase an organic-quality metal-free slatted frame to match.

A simple wooden bed in a bedroom.

Completely metal-free wooden beds are not only natural but look good too. Even the slatted frame is made entirely of sustainable wood.

Mattresses: a natural product designed by a sleep psychologist

With so much wood in the bedroom, you need a mattress that is as natural as the bed. The mattresses made by Samina, a company based in Vorarlberg with nine branches in Switzerland, are made of 100 percent natural rubber. The founder of Samina was actually a sleep psychologist before he created the company. As well as being natural and sustainable, his mattresses offer very high point flexibility, giving the body support right where it is needed. Available from around 630 francs.

Mattress toppers: new wool from Switzerland

A layer of new wool placed on the mattress – this is especially appreciated by people who like feeling nice and cozy at night. The mattress toppers from Alpur are made in Switzerland, from Swiss new wool of course. The filling of the topper is made of sheep’s wool, while the outside is made of wool or cotton. Available from around 115 francs.

Duvet 1: filled to your requirements

You will of course need a down duvet to lie under, for example from the Fischer bedding factory in Wädenswil, a supplier we love for their cult commercial alone.

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Products are sold directly from the bedding factory. Customers can watch as their pillow or duvet is filled and determine the amount of filling themselves. The company owner promises that none of the feathers processed in his factory come from animals plucked alive. Prices for a summer down duvet start at 170 francs, although thicker winter ones cost more. Fischer not only produces bedding, but can also clean your pillows and duvets.

Duvet 2: camel hair duvets

Duvets made from camel hair are very special. They are lighter than duvets made of new wool and can absorb up to 30 percent of their own weight in water – experts call this property “hydrophilic”. To obtain the camel hair, the animals are not sheared, rather the hair is merely collected that has fallen out on its own. Since camels in the desert have to endure extreme temperature fluctuations, camel hair duvets cool you down in summer and keep you warm in winter.

A woman lies on a bed wrapped in a duvet.

In summer you can soon get too hot under a duvet. Camel hair ensures better air circulation and is therefore comfortable even at high temperatures.

Duvet 3: bamboo in bed

Covers made of bamboo and cotton satin from Hüsler Nest that are washable at 60 degrees are the right choice for allergy sufferers and vegans alike. The bamboo fibers are made from the roots of the plant. Bamboo is extremely easy to care for because its fibers are spun into a continuous thread in the textile industry. This gives bamboo similar properties to viscose. Available as a summer duvet (from 275 francs) and as a little heavier, all-year-round version (from 305 francs).

Pillows: fall asleep with the scent of Swiss stone pine

For centuries people have appreciated the fine scent of the Swiss stone pine. Fillings for pillows are made by mixing Swiss stone pine shavings with spelt, for example. Waschbär pillows contain Swiss stone pine shavings and spelt in a washable cover made of organic cotton. They measure 20 by 50 centimeters and cost just under 30 francs each. The Swiss companies Smelloh and Alpur also stock Swiss stone pine pillows.

Duvet covers: reversible bedding

The plain duvet covers from Mary Rose are available in a whole range of bright colors. They are made of certified organic cotton and conveniently finished with zippers. The fact that you can turn the bedding inside out is even more practical: you can use the silky satin side in summer, and the fluffy flannel side in winter.

View of a double bed made of wood.

Reversible bed linen, beautiful colors and patterns: natural materials do not mean compromising on look and functionality.

Conclusion: put your money on nature

In the bedroom, in particular, many people find it important to surround themselves with natural materials. The good news is that there are now so many beautiful natural products available that you have a wide selection when it comes to furnishings. We hope that we have inspired you with our tips.

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