Outdoor bathtubs: even more romantic than a pool

Torben Schröder

Where did you say the bathtub was? In the bathroom, of course! Isn’t it? For wellness enthusiasts and nature lovers there is an alternative: an outdoor bathtub. Just as cozy, but much more romantic. When else have you ever had the opportunity to look up at the starry sky directly from your own bathtub?

An outdoor bathtub stands in a mist-covered field. A stove with flames blazing out of it is attached to the tub.
© Weltevree

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Advantages compared to a whirlpool

There are two key factors that distinguish an outdoor bathtub from a whirlpool. Firstly, it doesn’t rely on the house electricity and water supply. The big attraction is that it heats itself. Simply add firewood and it will stay nice and warm. You can easily fill it with water using the garden hose. Secondly, an outdoor bathtub is not permanently installed, but portable – so it can be used practically anywhere, not only in your own garden, but also on vacation with your family at the lake, for example. This may sound strange, but you can actually take your outdoor bathtub with you on your travels – for example on the trailer of your motorhome.

Outdoor fun for the whole family

At first glance it looks like an oversized, steaming coffee cup: the Dutchtub from Weltevree. With its dimensions of 259 x 173 x 92 centimeters (length, width, height), this outdoor bathtub offers space for up to four people – if you snuggle up a bit. The fiberglass, polyester and stainless steel body weighs just 75 kilograms, so it can easily be lifted by two strong people and placed in the location of your choice: in the garden, on the patio or on a trailer. It is supplied with a spiral for the heating circuit, a fire basket for the wood and a cover.

Several people are splashing about happily in an outdoor bathtub placed on the grass.

The Dutchtub is practical, mobile, suitable for families – and of course nice and warm.

And this is how the Dutchtub works: connect a garden hose to the valve and let water into the tub. You can start heating the water at the same time. The fire basket should be filled with firewood and lighting material such as old newspapers. The fire heats the spiral around it. As soon as the tub is full, water flows through the spiral and sets a cycle in motion – quite simply according to the laws of physics: the heated water stays at the top of the tub, while the colder water sinks to the bottom and flows back towards the heating basket.

Just like when you heat up water in a pan in the kitchen, you should initially place the cover on the Dutchtub – this will help the water to warm up more quickly. Every now and again, you should also stir the water with the oversized wooden spoon provided.

To reach a comfortable water temperature of 38°C, about one and a half bags of firewood are necessary. It takes about two hours before you can get into the tub. Enough time to sizzle up a little refreshment in the wok that comes with it.

And then you’ll be able to say “Aaaah, lovely!” Nature, a bathtub, hot water – what more could you want? If it gets too hot at any time, you can set the heating basket a little higher within the spiral, so that not all the coils are heated.

Of course, this innovative idea also has its price: the Dutchtub is available from Mooris in five different colors for 5,720 francs, for example (price on 03 November 2020).

Relaxation for two

Visually, the outdoor bathtub from Feuerwasser looks just like a conventional bathtub. You and your partner can lie close and enjoy a romantic bath together. It measures 215 x 85 x 55 centimeters and weighs 95 kilograms. The outer shell is made of pine wood, the inner shell of stainless steel. The bathtub obviously looks good too, thanks to this combination of materials. Two backrests and a removable table are supplied with it. The basic price for Anibis is 3,150 francs (price on 03 November 2020). For an additional charge you can also get a candle holder and a drink holder.

The tub is quite simple to operate. Water from a garden hose is let in through a valve. You should fill the combustion chamber of the stove with natural wood, not coal. The operating temperature is reached after about two hours. During your bath you can adjust the temperature by adding more logs and modifying the air inlet on the stove door.

Especially romantic in the winter

An outdoor bathtub is also suitable for use in the winter. You will of course need a little more firewood to reach the desired water temperature. You should also make sure you drain the water afterwards, otherwise it might expand as it freezes and damage the tub. Speaking of drainage: only use biodegradable bath additives in your outdoor bathtub so that you do not pollute the floor with chemical additives.

View of a winter landscape. In the foreground there is an outdoor bathtub on a hill.

It looks odd, but it is not so far-fetched: sharing a bath with your partner outside in a wintry environment.

Here is a hot tip for cold nights: simply strap the tub onto the trailer of a snowmobile, take your husband or wife for a drive in a snow-covered landscape, set up the tub, heat up the water and enjoy a super-romantic evening surrounded by nature.

The traditional barrel for singles

There’s a little less room in the Blumenberg hot tub. It measures just 130 x 126 x 100 centimeters, making it ideal for one person. If two people want to take a bath in it, they must be very fond of each other. The tub is made of African Kambala wood. Stainless steel strips all around add a sophisticated touch.

The tub is supplied with an underwater snorkel oven. It is made of aluminum, is heated with wood and brings the temperature up to the desired level of comfort in about two to three hours.

A view of an outdoor bathtub fitted into a stone wall.

A nice idea: a bathtub integrated into a kind of stone bar.

Conclusion: something different – an outdoor bathtub

If you can make do without the typical bubbles of a whirlpool for your bath, then an outdoor bathtub is an unusual but very practical alternative. It doesn’t require a water or electricity connection and can be set up anywhere. Even on a snow-covered mountain in the middle of winter. Pure romance.

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