Oases of peace: 8 dream showers with a wow factor

Ulrich Safferling

Showering is about more than just having a daily wash. Whether as a pick-me-up in the morning or for relaxation in the evening, the gently trickling water provides inspiration for the mind and creates a feeling of wellness for the body. The key elements are the shower cubicle, the drain, the faucets and, last but not least, the water jet. We list eight dream showers with a wow effect, all with elements that can also be combined with each other.

A shower cubicle with glass sides and a glass front is located in the middle of a modern bathroom. The back wall behind the shower is tiled. A floor-to-ceiling window can be seen in the background with a view out onto greenery.
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1. A walk-in shower – just step in

Whereas shower trays used to have edges several centimeters high, today’s walk-in showers are much easier to access: the floor tiles in the bathroom are simply laid right up to the shower area, and a shower channel in the floor takes care of drainage. The disadvantage is that the joints require a lot of cleaning and the tiles must be laid on a slope so that the water can run off. Alternatively, there are modern, flat shower trays that can be sunk into the floor or placed just on top of it. They are easy to install, joint-free, no trouble to clean and ensure optimal drainage. And you can just walk right in.

2. A steam shower – a miniature steam bath

A sauna is a wonderful experience because sweating is healthy, relaxes you and is good for the skin. If you don’t have enough space for a sauna, a steam shower is the next best thing. Firstly, the shower cubicle fulfills its purpose. Secondly, it can be heated up into a steam bath in a few minutes with a steam generator.

Tip: the shower cubicle or shower room should be large enough for two people to enjoy a steam bath together sometimes. Additional seating – such as bamboo stools or a bricked lying surface – make the mini steam bath perfect.

3. A wellness shower – massages on a daily basis

Shower panels are the all-rounders among showers nowadays. Where a removable shower head is usually simply attached to a bar, a panel mounted on the shower wall combines several functions. In addition to a removable hand shower, there is usually a fixed integrated overhead shower and several massage jets: water shoots out of them, having a targeted effect against muscle tension. It’s possible to adjust the faucets to determine where you want the water jets to come out, how many of them you turn on and what water pressure they should have. Water from all sides, sometimes gentle, sometimes hard – it’s like a massage on a daily basis.

A hand can be seen in the shower jet against a dark background.

Showering in the morning or evening not only cleanses the body – but also clears the head.

4. A round shower – a spaceship in the spotlight

How the shower cubicle is planned depends on the bathroom architecture. In the past the shower was often simply hidden in the darkest corner where it wouldn’t get in the way. But the trend is towards spacious, glass shower rooms lit by daylight where you won’t feel cramped at all. A plumber can achieve this with glass quarter showers to fit in corners or with half showers mounted in a semicircle on a wall. Round showers that stand freely in the room are the absolute non-plus ultra. The shower becomes an eye-catching feature that almost looks like a survival capsule from a science fiction film. This ensures an unrestricted all-round view.

5. A multi-sensory shower – as if you were under the open sky

A shower in the rainforest or a shower under a waterfall – that’s particularly impressive, but something you don’t experience every day. Or do you? Multi-sensory showers can simulate rainfall, spray mist or a glacial torrent. The trick is to use clever shower heads and water jets. These are not conventional showers, but permanently installed faucets similar to those in spas and thermal baths. They can make it feel as if rain is splashing down gently or a hard jet is massaging your head and neck.

Tip: if you listen to the right sort of music in the bathroom and close your eyes, you will almost have the impression that you are having a shower outdoors in nature.

6. A black shower – timeless and elegant

Along with the shower cubicle and shower jet, the color combination makes a shower room even more attractive. White is unobtrusive, but not very exciting. The exact opposite has never completely disappeared since the 1960s and is currently back in fashion: black faucets – especially with a mat finish – are timeless and reminiscent of industrial design. Black contrasts strongly with light tiles, for a timeless, stylish look. Black is unobtrusive, leaving room for wooden elements and green plants.

Yet the bathroom needs a lot of light, so that the black elements don’t turn it into a cave. Large windows, lamps and spotlights are a must.

In a light-colored bathroom, the shower is only separated from the wall by a short glass partition; a black cabinet under the washbasin, a mirror, lamps and a plant can be seen in front of the shower.

A black-and-white contrast makes the bathroom look particularly sophisticated – a houseplant adds a relaxing touch to the overall picture.

7. A color/light shower – relaxation through the eyes

The positive effect of light has been known since ancient times. It works simply through our eyes. With LED technology or halogen lamps in the ceiling or shower heads, the bathroom becomes an oasis of light. Different colors can usually be set and preselected. This is not enough in terms of intensity for proper light therapy. But a shower, bathed in jungle green or Atlantic blue light, will always put you in a good mood when the day begins to turn gray outside.

A completely new trend: showers can be equipped with infrared light so that they also serve as infrared cabins for heat treatment. The combination of light and infrared is particularly relaxing.

8. A natural stone shower – luxury for eternity

Tiles are available in all kinds of shapes and colors. But only natural stone gives a shower the ultimate luxury ambiance. Large stone slabs convey the stylish elegance of a Roman steam bath. Especially if they are not simply cut into squares or rectangles, but have hexagonal patterns, for example, to create a disruptive effect in relation to the straight joints. Chrome, glass and wood are the ideal match for partitions and shelves. Marble in particular offers many possibilities due to its coloring, which ranges from white or cream to black. Slate is also suitable and looks very natural on account of its uneven surface, almost like in a grotto. However you do it – you can create a shower for eternity.

Conclusion: look forward to your shower experience every day

No shower is like any other, and almost all the different elements can be combined. This means that a normal shower can easily be converted into a multi-sensory or wellness shower by simply replacing the faucets. And if you’re renovating your whole bathroom, you can even completely redesign your shower. Whether the day begins or ends with a shower – showering is part of our lives. Make every day a special experience for yourself!

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