Interior design trends for 2021: what the new year will bring

Jana Janssen

In 2020, we spent more time at home than ever before – so in 2021, we’re particularly open to the idea of bringing a breath of fresh air into our own four walls. It’s a good thing there are so many new trends emerging. Here you can read what new interior trends 2021 will bring, what will stay and what will go.

Picture of a living room designed in earthy tones and with wooden furniture.
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On the way in: new trends

Are you ready to make some changes in your home? These three trends will create a breath of fresh air:

A fusion of styles: Japandi

In 2021, Japandi brings together what has perhaps always belonged together: Far-Eastern elegance and Scandinavian coolness. Both worlds are united by an unmistakable minimalism, which is reflected in clean lines, simple shapes and natural materials. Contrasts add an interesting impression of tension to the interior trend: traditional elements like Japanese ceramic tableware are mixed with modern Scandinavian furniture made of light wood. Japandi makes discreet use of decoration. Rice paper lamps, ceramic vases, and pillows and blankets made of wool or linen are typical of this style.

New coziness: neon room

For anyone who wants to make things a bit more striking in 2021, the neon room interior trend might be appropriate for you. Gaudy LED lighting and colorful neon signs add splashes of color to living rooms and bedrooms. It’s best to keep the other furnishings quite minimalistic in white and beige tones so that the overall impression is not overly colorful. Your rooms will look very cozy illuminated only by colorful LEDs and neon lights.

Kitchen shelves as eye-catching features

In the new year, it’s a good idea to invest in high-quality, handmade tableware for eating and cooking, and to proudly display it on kitchen shelves. The trend in 2021 will be to install open kitchen shelves with attractive items on them, which will become eye-catchers in the kitchen. Handmade copper pots and pans, clay plates made by ceramic manufacturers and colorful water and wine glasses are all part of the basic equipment. These accessories will also make cooking particularly good fun.

Picture of a kitchen counter with open shelves holding glasses and dishes.

In 2021, kitchen shelves with pretty dishes and decorative glasses arranged on them will catch everyone’s eye.

Here to stay: timeless classics

But not everything is new in the new year. Some design trends from the past few years have proven to be timeless. You can continue to rely on these three:

Scandinavian coziness: Lagom

It’s true that Scandinavian coziness is being brought up to date in 2021 with the Japandi style. Nevertheless, this won’t replace the timeless classic of Swedish interior design, Lagom . For a minimalist home style, stick to the essentials and opt for natural colors like beige, green and brown, and materials like wood, cotton and linen. Furniture and textiles should be durable and sustainable. Light also plays a special role in the Lagom style: large windows are considered ideal.

A green home: an urban jungle

A piece of nature in the living room: houseplants not only look attractive, they also ensure a good indoor climate. That’s why the urban jungle living trend is here to stay in 2021. Don’t have green thumbs? We’re not going to accept that excuse this year because there are plenty of suitable low-maintenance plants for beginners too – and no, we’re not thinking of cacti. Trendy plants like bow string hemp, Monstera and prayer plants (Calathea) don’t require much care and will enhance any space.

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A touch of romance: dried flowers

Dried flowers have shed their dusty image in the past year and are making a comeback in 2021 with new decoration ideas. Whether as a bouquet, wreath or picture in a frame – little dried plants exude romantic boho flair. DIY fans will also get their money’s worth. Drying, pressing and arranging pretty bouquets is quite simple with the right plants.

What’s out: goodbye to discomfort

But trends not only come, they also go – it’s a fact of life. We will leave these former trends behind at the turn of the year:

Mirrored furniture fronts

Furniture with glossy fronts or glass tables make a room look bigger and brighter. They are modern – but also cold. In 2021, it’s best to use decorative mirrors to achieve the same effect. They not only provide better light in your rooms, but at the same time create eye-catching features on the walls.

Hard contrasts: black and white interiors

The monochrome black-and-white style is the antithesis to Japandi and Lagom. The harsh contrasts are uninviting and don’t fit the guiding principle that will accompany us throughout 2021: more coziness. Instead, you should use contrasts in a measured way and design them softly instead, by combining light and dark tones from the same color family. The effect is much more harmonious.

Picture of a large living room that is designed entirely in black and white.

Living rooms designed completely in black and white can look cold.

At home with factory flair: the industrial look

The industrial look is characterized by shelves made of repurposed metal pipes, furniture made of black metal and dark untreated wood, and decorative elements made of concrete. Cafés in particular have made the style popular in recent years. Now we’re gradually reaching saturation. If you overdo it, you will soon have a cold, uncomfortable home. In 2021, we prefer to leave industrial furniture where it belongs – in factories and workshops.

Conclusion: take it easy

With all the trends that come and go every year, it’s not easy to keep track. Not every trend can be implemented in every home. So take it easy and pick up on trends you like – but feel free to let others pass if they don’t seem relevant to you. Because trends are meant to be one thing above all else: fun.

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