Furniture for small rooms: the new space-saving wonders

Susanne Loacker

Whether in a tiny house or an apartment in an old building: there are no doubt space problems in every home. But thanks to smart solutions, the available space can often be used much more effectively than you think. We present seven ideas for creating additional storage space – some of which are even multifunctional.

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1. Exploit the space under the stairs

There is often free space under the stairs – you just have to make good use of it. One possibility is to install a shelving system made up of shelves of different sizes that will fit snugly under the stairs. A suitable set of shelves is available from Jelmoli (from around 160 francs) in various colors, for example.

2. A children’s or teenager’s bed with storage space

Children’s rooms are often a mess. When urged to tidy up by their parents, girls and boys are bound to love the idea of being able to stow things away in drawers under their bed. The Släkt children’s bed from Ikea (279 francs) gives children the chance to at least have a seemingly tidy room.

A bed with three integrated drawers can be seen in a colorfully furnished child’s room.

Drawers under a bed in a child’s room create additional storage space.

3. Take advantage of the sloping roof

A colored sliding door wardrobe that nestles under the sloping ceiling is a great eye-catching feature. This one is custom made by Jutzi’s Schrankladen (price on request). A desk can also be placed under a sloping ceiling – integrating an office into the living space.

4. I am also a bed

A sofa bed is the classic multitasker. The sofa beds by Dieter Knoll (from XXXLutz, 1,099 francs for the version shown) is available to order in various designs. This one has a lying surface of 1.50 x 2.08 meters.

5. A coffee table plus newspaper rack

It’s a familiar scenario: there are newspapers, magazines and catalogs lying around on the sofa. Then visitors arrive, so you have to move everything quickly to make room. The “Multiple Bronx” coffee table (from Mutoni for 107 francs) solves the problem. The coffee table is 1.10 meters long, 60 centimeters wide and 40 centimeters deep.

6. Stretch, little table!

If you often invite guests for meals, but don’t have space for a huge dining table, this table from Hamler (available at Beliani for approx. 850 francs) can help. The white stainless-steel table is 90 centimeters wide and 1.80 meters long. If necessary, it can be extended to 2.20 meters – adding enough place for two more people.

A dining table, which can be extended as required, stands in a completely white living room.

An extendable dining table is useful for hosts with limited space.

7. A fold-away home office

The good old bureau is an excellent space saver: as well as offering storage space, the work surface can easily be folded up. It makes a highly practical second workplace. Available for instance from Jelmoli (“Mette” , for around 350 francs, in different colors).

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