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A little house in your garden: 5 ideas for your shed or summerhouse

Susanne Loacker

A shed or summerhouse in the garden can be used for so much more than storing tools. We present five trends and ideas for innovative little buildings in the garden.

The picture shows a wooden shed painted in dove-gray with lattice windows. The door is open. In front of the shed there is a table with three chairs and a reclining chair, all made of wood. Roses are out in bloom next to the shed. The forecourt is covered with stone slabs.
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1. The classic wooden hut

The classic garden shed is made of wood (from GartenTiger at for about 1209 francs, price on 12 December 2020), measures about 2.7 x 2.7 meters and has a double door. It also has sash windows and is made of Nordic spruce.

If that’s too traditional, you can get a small, frog-green garden tool house made of metal (approx. 2 x 1.20 meters) for about 250 francs (price on 29 August 2020) from Obi. That’ll make you smile right away.

A light, wooden shed can be seen on a short cut lawn. The sliding doors are open, various garden accessories are visible inside.

Space for equipment – or just for the next hobby project.

2. The design sauna house

The design sauna house (Carlsson, approx. 7,000 francs, price on 29 August 2020, from needs about 5 x 5 meters of space, as well as an electricity supply – and ideally, a water connection. Next to the sauna cabin there is enough space for a small table, two deck chairs and a changing bench. A real Spa, where you can retreat with a book even without taking a sauna.

The picture shows an outdoor sauna in a modern wood design. It is standing on a gravel field.

The outdoor sauna is a wellness oasis and refuge in one.

3. The pergola

The pergola is a kind of part-time house that combines the best of two worlds: it offers protection from the rain while allowing you to sit comfortably in the fresh air. The “Florida” model (from Paragon, available from Hornbach for approx. 1,440 francs, price on 29 August 2020) measures a good three meters in length and width respectively. It has a UV-resistant sun sail which is included in the delivery. The stainless aluminum construction is maintenance free. If you are looking for more personalized solutions for your garden, you can obtain individual advice from Stobag or Griesser.

A metal structure holds a pergola.

Open or closed? A pergola or canopy protects against sun, rain and wind.

4. The home-office house

This is more like a second house than a summerhouse: especially if you spend a high proportion of time working from home, an outpost like this can come in very handy – the same applies if your teenage children want to carry on playing computer games late into the night when you just want to be left in peace. “Home Office 2” by Carlsson (from for approx. 4,730 francs, price on 29 August 2020) has a generous floor space of almost 17 square meters, double glazing and a cylinder lock. It really is a real little house made of natural Nordic spruce.

A cubic summerhouse, with office furniture inside, stands on a stone square in the garden in the dusk.

The outsourced office ensures a tidy atmosphere in the house.

5. The house with a patio

The “Freiburg” summerhouse (Alpholz, from from approx. 3,500 francs, price on 29 August 2020) is a retreat and protected place for a siesta in one. It measures 7.5 x 4 meters, and the entrance door can be attached on either the long or the short side. The wood is FSC certified.

A large summerhouse is divided into a closed part and a covered seating area. A lawn with flowers can be seen in the foreground and there are trees in the background.

A spacious summerhouse can also be an outdoor lounge.

Conclusion: a garden shed or summerhouse for every purpose

Whether you use your shed or summerhouse for work, leisure or as a place of retreat is up to you. In any case, we wish you a lot of fun when planning and setting up your own little house next to your house. However, before you decide on any type of construction in the garden, it is essential to check with the relevant authority (usually the municipality) regarding which regulations apply and which permits you need. You not only need to know where your shed or summerhouse will be located, how big it will be and what kind of roof it will have, but also whether you need any power lines (electricity, water, telecommunications). Once these formalities have been clarified, nothing stands in the way of creating your second dream house.

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