5 stylish types of sauna for your home

Susanne Loacker

Do you dream of creating a wellness oasis in your home? Just for you, exactly the way you want it, and without even having to travel to get there? The good news is that creating a sauna in your own house or garden is not as complicated as it may seem. We’ve put together a list of five stylish types of sauna. Why don’t you see if one of them could fit your home?

A woman in a white bathrobe lies in a sauna.
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1. Outdoor saunas: maximum versatility

It’s hard to believe how many different types of sauna there are. They range from rustic to sophisticated, from relatively cheap to quite expensive. And then there’s the choice of interior design. We’ve selected two extremes from the world of outdoor saunas as examples:

The barrel sauna

A barrel sauna is not only practical, but also looks very rustic. Visually speaking, FinnTherm’s oval sauna house is a cross between a log cabin and a mobile home. With a width of 418 cm, and a height and depth of 240 cm, it is made of Nordic spruce and costs around 5,000 francs. The sauna house has two reclining surfaces and is large enough for three people to sit in. Attention: it’s delivered without pre-assembly.

A snow-covered barrel sauna in a wintry forest landscape.

Open a barrel for a sauna: as rustic as the Finns.

The design sauna

An elegant Nordic spruce exterior, a large glass front, a terrace made of heat-treated pine: the Arti outdoor sauna from creaSPA is a design object in itself. It is just 245 cm wide, making it considerably narrower than the barrel sauna mentioned above. But its cost changes accordingly. The price of this sauna largely depends on its equipment. But just to give you an idea, prices start at around 30,000 francs.

2. Infrared cabins: the practical choice

Infrared heat cabins or short infrared cabins have a long history. The first infrared cabin was built back in 1891 by John Harvey Kellogg, whose other inventions include peanut butter and cornflakes. The principle is that the cabins do not heat the body via hot ambient air like Finnish saunas, but via infrared radiation. This also means that you don’t need a water supply. At “Top-Whirlpool”, you will find cabins that look as light as a feather and almost pass for design objects. Their one-seater model costs around 8,000 francs.

3. Steam showers: the gentle option

Many people prefer a steam bath to a sauna: the air humidity is higher, and the temperature lower. Klafs, the German world market leader with branches in Switzerland, sells a steam shower for private use. Space inside is limited, and temperatures can reach up to 48 degrees. The design (glass mosaic, natural stone or porcelain stoneware) can be customized to suit your requirements. Price depending on the model.

On the left in a bright modern bathroom: a steam shower with a bench.

A shower and sauna in one: the space-saving steam shower. The temperature is slightly lower than in a sauna. The steam shower also scores points for higher humidity.

4. Sloping roof saunas: under the roof

Where should you place your sauna? Most people immediately think of the basement. But the top floor of a house also has plenty of corners that are ideal as wellness areas. Many manufacturers therefore offer not only normal sauna cabins made to measure, but also special cabins that can fit under a sloping roof. Prices vary according to size, materials and outlay. Available for instance from: Sanatherm Saunabau.

5. Element saunas: for DIY enthusiasts

Various “element saunas” are available at Hornbach from 1,300 francs. Order one online to have it delivered by truck – with building instructions, but without an oven or the corresponding connection cable, because ovens may only be connected by authorized specialists. So it’s not quite do-it-yourself. But almost.

An element sauna in a classic design is located in a wood-paneled room, next to it is a lounger for relaxing after a sauna session.

Almost like the wellness area at a swimming pool: an element sauna in a classic design.

Conclusion: make yourself comfortable

With options ranging from infrared cabins with no water connection to sloped roof saunas, it’s possible to create your own wellness area in types of homes that at first glance do not seem suitable. Check out our five stylish sauna tips. Perhaps you will soon be making the most of one to relax in the comfort of your own home.

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